Convenient and smart house

What do you expect from smart house? To cook your favourite dish? Why still top class restaurants pay excellent cooks if it would be possible?

Neverthless, smart house can do a lot of things for you. Maybe more that you can imagine. And now, you dont't need to setup entire area and think what you have forgotten and/or how to setup systems to work together and have single control.

What do you expect from your smart home?

I have expected not to care about individual systems, how they should behave and how they communicate together, who will set it up and who will guarantee communication between individual systems. I haven't found company which provided all mentioned areas and mainly communication between them so I needed to set it up myself. This is the only reason why I startd this kind of business because I consider this area to be market gap.

Do you know what to ask security company to set up what events should happen when house is armed? Or in alarm? Or have you tried to ask window and blind supplier to set up some functions based on events in security system?

Home automation

Do you need to go to switch every time you want to switch off the lights? And when leaving, do you need to visit all rooms to check whether some light is on?

Manual/remote/automatic control of lights, blinds, heating (incl. energy saving when outside, prevent heating when window is opened etc.), air circulation system, measurement - energy consumption based on temperature (inner and outer) - how much costs you to increase inner temperature by 1 grade? Maybe you're freezing with no reason and maybe you are loosing fortune by useless heating up rooms in time when you don't use them.

One button combination of commands (button leaving for while - down specific blinds, switch off lights, keep heating on

Home security

What happens in your house when you are outside? And what happens downstairs when you are sleeping in 2nd floor? Is there any danger or you can sleep in safe?

Electronic security system, CCTV, Videodoor, recording on remote stations, remote connect.

Home entertainment

Do you need to go to toilet just when TV series or movie is in critical part? Don't miss the key moments and don't bother rest of family by timeshift recording and repeating parts the've just watched.

Audio zones, video zones and displays, portable devices (watch on tablet or ipad)

Home content provider

Do you want to watch some specific movie? Where to store family photos and videos to be available to show on television or on tablet?

Storage, CCTV recording, TV recording, photo, audio and video server, download server, etc.

Fast and reliable connect

Do you want to be sure tha home network and internet connection is fast enough and reliable? And open to future improvements?

Infrastructure (fast cables and future use cables, routers and switches, dual internet connection with load balance and prioritization, fast and reliable local lan, SAT, WIFI at entire home.

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