Management consulting

Petr Masa is principal consultant/consulting manager focused on business and management consulting supported by data. He focuses on delivering measurable benefits to your business.

Did you ever realize how can your data, deeply analyzed, CAN make your business more profitable? Do you thinking why customers did not renew subscription? Why they are leaving? What can activate them to pay for more services? Which services they really want? When they need to buy? Is it the same time as you want to sell? What is the price sensitivity of customers? And which segments of price sensitivity your customers have? Many answers are hidden in your data, so let uncover them ...

Why you can rely on our services

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Experience and proven references

References include most of Czech and slovak banks, insurance companies, telco operators and some consumer finance companies and other companies on financial market, retail. PM has also experience from Austria, Canada, Kazakhstan, Poland and other countries.

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Go live

Many projects included start operaating some activity with ad-hoc tools so the result was not only presentation, but ad-hoc operated process with measured benefits.

Leverage your big data for your better business.

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